Creston Commercial Property Loan Program

Creston Commercial Property Loan Program

To Businesses Interested in the Creston Commercial Property Loan Program:

We welcome your interest and participation in the Creston Commercial Property Loan application process.  This program is offered through the efforts of First Federal Savings Bank, First National Bank, Great Western Bank, Iowa State Savings Bank and State Savings Bank.

This low interest loan program will provide financing for interior/exterior building improvements and/or landscape improvements.  These funds can be used to beautify businesses, thus increasing customer appeal.  Loan funds are not to be used to purchase equipment or for basic building infrastructure (furnace, roofs, mechanical systems, etc.).  All business renovation projects will be considered in the context of the whole project and be integral to the final results.

In order to facilitate your application, we require that the project activities and materials be itemized and be accompanied by cost estimates.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to make certain that all improvements conform to applicable city building codes.

The Design Committee will notify the applicant of its decision within 30 days of receipt of the application.  Each approved application will be forwarded to the lending institution.


The Design Committee

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