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Counties included in the project area: Union

  • Total Watershed Improvement Funds awarded for this project:  $ 117,500
  • Total Watershed Improvement Funds spent:                                  $     7,739
  • Total Watershed Improvement Funds obligated:                             $          0
  • Watershed Improvement Fund unobligated balance as of 12/31/2008: $ 109,762

Project objectives:

Objective 1.    Administer the Hurley Creek/McKinley Lake Watershed Improvement Project and work with all stakeholders to ensure all project objectives are implemented as scheduled.

Objective 2.    Reduce by at least 50% the amount of annual erosion, which will help reduce sediment load, loss of property, and may improve water quality.

Objective 3.    Reduce E. Coli levels to meet the designated use of McKinley Lake by controlling direct animal access, reducing animal waste runoff, and improving sanitary sewer systems.

Objective 4.    More effectively manage the storm water flow rate, which may reduce erosion and flooding and may improve water quality.  Reduce stormwater flow into Hurley Creek by at least 35%.

Objective 5.    Educate the public, including civic groups, homeowners, farmers, and business owners in the Hurley Creek Watershed about Best Management Practices and establish comprehensive education and communications strategies to promote environmental awareness

Summary of activities and accomplishments for calendar year 2008

The Hurley Creek/McKinley Lake Watershed Improvement Project has received enthusiastic support from many area stakeholders including public agencies, residents and members of the press. Organizations participating in Project meetings include City of Creston, Union County Soil Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Union County Extension, Creston Chamber of Commerce, Prairie Solid Waste Agency, Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA) and the Creston Park Board. Early in 2008, people attending Project meetings nominated and elected board members. Members also formed an Education Committee.

The whole membership and the Education Committee met several times each to discuss carrying out objectives. Much of the winter and early spring was spent preparing and planning for spring activities. The Project sponsored a booth and a speaker at the Home and Garden Show to tout the benefits of rain gardens, and reducing runoff. The Park Board did a Hurley Creek Cleanup in April, along with help from students at Creston High School and Southwestern Community College along with area residents. NRCS worked with landowners to install conservation practices in the watershed. Extension assisted in a number of rain garden projects. Creston officials worked with NRCS and SIRWA on issues along the creek inside city limits.  

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