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Establish a Riparian Buffer Strip

The definition of Riparian from the Webster’s Dictionary is “related to or living or located on the bank of a natural water course (as river) or sometimes of a lake or a tidewater.”   We often refer to the riparian area as the area or parallel strip adjacent to a stream.  In a natural setting this area often is growing with woody vegetation or native grasses.  These plants are deep rooted and create several benefits for water quality along the stream.  The deep roots help to stabilize the soil so you have less bank erosion.  The heavy growth on the soil surface provides a protective mat that filters surface water runoff.  Most of the riparian area along the Hurley Creek stream channel is established lawns.  These lawns are short rooted turf grasses that may look nice as a manicured lawn, along the stream channel, but they do little to protect the riparian area along the stream channel. Here's how you can install a Riparian Buffer Strip.

Six Reasons for Creating a Buffer Strip

Seed Native Landscapes

Create a Rain Garden

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