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Housing in Creston offers a variety of options with many price ranges and square footage available to suit every household.

If you are interested in new development you must see the James Addition in northwest Creston.  For details about the subdivision contact the Union County Development Association at 641-782-2003 or any of the realtors listed below.

Please visit the website of the local realtor’s board to get a current listing of available homes and properties.   www.bluegrassbor.com.

105 S. Sumner Street
Carter Agency Inc. 208 N. Maple Street 641-782-8516
Green Valley Realty  1016 W. Montgomery Street 641-782-5134
Hometown Realty 501 E. Taylor/Hwy 34 E 641-782-4626
311 N. Cherry Street
R Realty114 N. Elm Street641-782-9408
701 W. Townline Street

In addition to homes for sale, available rental apartments and houses can be found through some of these realtors and the Creston News Advertiser classifieds. The following is a partial list.


 Creston Apartments


209 North Maple Apartments: 209 North Maple

212 North Maple Apartments: 641-202-4154

301 West Adams Street Apartments: 641-202-1911

Afton Manor: 108 S. Temple, Afton,  641-347-5078 (50 and over)

Alcena Apartments:   511 West Montgomery

Apartments on Division Street: 641-782-8768

Apartments on Maple:  309 Maple, 641-782-2923

Autumn House:  Division Street

Bookstore Apartments: 210 North Maple Street, 641-782-8822

Carter Building Apartments: 208 N. Maple, Telephone: 641-782-8516

Crest Ridge Estates:  (Senior Living Facility, owned and operated by Greater Regional Medical Center) 1715 West Prairie Street:   641-782-3553

Creston Lofts: 309 West Adams Street, 641-472-1113, SRHERRIOTT@GMAIL.COM

Creston Park Apartments: 1503 N. Lincoln and 402 & 404 N. Oak; 712-542-2249 (Income Guidelines)

Creston Plaza Apartments:  1001 S. Sumner Street, Manager: Telephone: 641-782-7071 (Income Guidelines)

Executive Apartments:   1301 and 1303 N. Elm Street, Managers: Telephone: 641-344-7207

Green Valley Manor: 122 Manor Drive; Telephone: 641-782-7173

Hair House Building Apartments:  402 West Montgomery and those on North Lincoln, Telephone: 641-782-8551

Harvey Office Building Apartments:  109 W. Montgomery; Telephone: 641-782-7051

Homestead Assisted Living & Memory Care: 1709 West Prairie St., Telephone: 641-782-3131 Website

Kenyon/Nielsen Building Apartments:   211 North Maple, Telephone: 641-782-7007

Lasting Memories Building Apartments:   124 North Maple, Telephone: 641-782-7819

Montgomery Apartments:  300 Block of West Montgomery, Telephone: 641-782-2310

Regency Apartments: 612 Grand; Telephone: 641-782-5166 (Income Guidelines)

Round Apartments 1203 and 1205 N. Maple Street, Manager: Telephone: 641-782-8167

Tull & Sissel Apartments:  813 North Lincoln Street, Telephone:  641-782-8551

Smith Apartments:  Corner of Maple and Montgomery, Telephone: 641-782-7819

Summit House:  (Senior Living Facility) 509 West Maple Street:  641-782-1621

VanGelder Building Apartments: 110 North Maple, Telephone: 641-782-4657

Waltz Apartments:  641-782-2923

The Iowana:  (Senior Living Facility) 203 West Montgomery Street:  641-344-7315

Southern Iowa Regional Housing Authority (SIRHA) provides housing assistance.  Please visit their website at www.sirha-ia.org.


Other apartments can be found through the Creston News Advertiser (www.crestonnewsadvertiser.com) classifieds and through various realtors.


 Home Builders and Contractors

604 Sheldon
American Homes by Dave Long 101 North Walnut 641-782-4193
Hahn Roofing 800-368-7833
Kawa Construction 611 North Chestnut 641-782-5786
Kinkade Industries 402 East Montgomery 641-782-2290
R.E. Lewis Refrigeration 803 S. Lincoln Street 641-782-8183
Winterstien Construction
205 S. Elm
  Creston Chamber of Commerce    P.O. Box 471, Creston, Iowa 50801      Ph: 641-782-7021   Fax: 641-782-9927 chamber@crestoniowachamber.com   Design: three C design